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We can also thank Senator 'dirty' Harry for this.

Ed Baratta

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> I still like my idea of putting the spent fuel in dry cask storage, in a
> wide belt around the gold repository at Fort Knox.  No security issues,
> no nearby neighbors to worry about, easy to retrieve once we start
> reprocessing.
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> Nuclear Today, Nuclear Tomorrow, Nuclear Forever. Yes Fusion will be a
> far better mode of making energy, but Fission is here right NOW and not
> a Pie in the Sky idea! If we want the USA to go Green, we must include
> Nuclear because neither Solar nor Wind Power (outside of the US Congress
> and the Bureaucrats in Washington DC)  will replace Coal in the
> foreseeable future. Nothing I know of can replace coal except Nuclear.
> I do agree we need to solve the High level waste issues, but the US was
> somewhat on track @ Yucca Mtn until we got derailed by Environmental
> Whackos. I have been to Yucca Mtn in the past and I cannot think of a
> better place to put High Level Waste. I would have no problem living
> next door nor even being a Resident Farmer (RESRAD terminology) next
> door to Yucca Mtn. If we want to entertain a terrestrial High Level
> Waste site but not Yucca Mtn, then we will never solve the RAM Waste
> Issue(s) on any level.
> Robert Young
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