[ RadSafe ] lapel monitors for potential airborne alpha particulates

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Over the years, we've seen a significant difference in levels when comparing work area monitors to lapel sampling.  Even with agressive dust control measures, workers handling tarps for daily cover of contaminated soils had the highest exposures.  The differences were 500 to 1500 times the area monitors on occasion.   Then again, training is an issue.  Equipment operators and truck drivers tend to set them on the floor of their cab and vaccuum the floor mats and we got the occasional abnormally high value. 

Kelly Grahn 

Illinois Emergency Management, Nuclear Safety 

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It has been suggested that D&D workers use lapel monitors for potential 
airborne alpha particulates IN ADDITION TO a continuous air sampler in the 
immediate vicinity of the D&D work. 

My first thought is that the nuisance factor for the workers is going to 
be "anti-ALARA." 

Can anybody provide some experience with the necessity, effectiveness, and 
"value added" by lapel monitors vs an air sampler in the immediate 

Thanx in advance  - -jmr 

John Rich 
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