[ RadSafe ] End Of An Era

franz.schoenhofer at chello.at franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Sun Jun 13 14:24:40 CDT 2010

Thank you Terry to give me the explanation and parallel the enlightment that Wikipedia which anyway has to be used very sceptical is very different in different languages. This explains why I did not find CP-5 by my search in the German version. The only explanation - shocking for some US hardliners like Mr. Koff - is that in the "rest of the world" this seems to be of no real importance. Sorry Mr. Koff (he sent a message to me personally, which was intended to insult me) but the "rest of the world" outside the USA has not the obligation of knowing any abbreviation in whatever country of this world, including the USA with its minor contribution to population and surface area. Mr Koff, you still do not understand? 

The more important reason I contact you directly, Terry, is that  during the last few days at least two of my messages have been distributed, but with the label, that they might be SPAM. They were not rejected. Could you please check this?  

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