[ RadSafe ] A radioactive thing

ROY HERREN royherren2005 at yahoo.com
Mon May 10 17:39:01 CDT 2010

Could the material be Radium foil, see www.lm.doe.gov/WorkArea/linkit.aspx?LinkIdentifier=id&ItemID=948
"A decommissioned 300-foot-deep, cased borehole containing radium foil remains on site. Two strips of
radium-foil were placed around the casing in the borehole and used for calibrating down-hole logging
instruments. The borehole was decommissioned in place in 2000. DOE perforated the casing above and
below each strip of foil and pressure-grouted the annulus with Portland cement to seal the foil in place".
 Roy Herren 

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Subject: [ RadSafe ] A radioactive thing

Recently we picked up something that triggered the rad monitor at a scrap yard.  It I about 1/2 inches X 2 inches (1.5 cm X 5 cm), and is described as "like a gum wrapper foil".  It is about 100 mR/h on near-contact.  The isotope appears to be Ra-226.  It appears that the radium can come off, or perhaps tiny pieces can break off.  

Does anyone know what it is?
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