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Several years ago, I also had a cardiac stress test and took some post procedure measurements with Bicron microrem meter.   Seven hours after treatment, the exposure rate was 17 mR/hr on contact at stomach level and 20 microR/hr (twice background) at 30 feet. Exposure rate on contact at chest level after 2 days was ~2 mR/hr, and after 7 days was ~0.5 mR/hr.  After 3 weeks, exposure rates were indistiguishable from background.  Plots of the measurements are shown at http://www.philrutherford.com/Stress_Test_2003.pdf.  The two distinctive decays of the 6 hr Tc-99m and the slower 73 hour Tl-201 are readily apparent on chart 4.  Cumulative dose on contact was almost 600 mrem over a period of almost 3 weeks.  Several years later, I had a repeat test and wore a special-issued inward-facing TLD at stomach level 24 hours a day (except in the shower) for three weeks.  The measured exposure was 800 mrem.

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  Dear Group:


  Yesterday I received both Tl-201 & Tc-99m as a intravenous cocktail during a
  cardiac stress test.  The dose was 3 mCi Tl-201 and 20 mCi "Cardiolite"
  Tc-99m for imaging.  By the time I got home, I was quite radioactive, with
  my Ludlum Model 19 measuring 5000 uR/Hr at a distance of 4 meters.
  According to the information that I received, the test amounts to a 3.45 REM
  total effective dose.


  Should I be avoiding my girlfriend for the next week or two?  She works at
  Los Alamos and I don't want to "contaminate" her.


  The good news is that no problems were found!




  Dan ii


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