[ RadSafe ] TSA all for show

Jess L. Addis III ajess at clemson.edu
Fri Nov 26 18:35:13 CST 2010

When that Israeli comparison is voiced I keep waiting for someone to mention
that the whole country contains less than 7.5 million people.  We have more
people in one city.

One of our major airports flies more than the whole country of Israel. The
comparison means little.

People need to get over it and walk through the (place your favorite deity
here) damn scanners.

Larry Addis, RSO
Clemson U.

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The bottom line, for me, is that the backscatter x-ray scans offer very
little improvement over metal detectors.  They can detect largish objects,
like guns/knives, same as a metal detector.  They can also detect ceramic
knives.  Can you spell cost-benefit?  

The whole approach of hand screening every child and grandma at the airport
is doomed to fail.  When you know the screening methods ahead of time, you
can figure out how to defeat them.  That's why TSA is always ramping up the
screening--it always fails eventually.  Next will be body cavity searches.

The Israeli system is far superior.  They observe cars approaching the
airport, when they park, when people get on buses,etc.  Those deemed
suspicious get further screening.  Kids and grandmas don't have to be
groped.  I'm afraid the TSA is yet another example of ineffective goverment.

joelc at alum.wpi.edu 
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