[ RadSafe ] Climate Change a fraud?

Dixon, John E. (CDC/ONDIEH/NCEH) gyf7 at cdc.gov
Fri Oct 15 11:37:02 CDT 2010

Well said. We should all keep in mind that one of the most senoir "scientists" on the pannel that crafted the main IPCC document was an expert in ECONOMICS, not climate science, physics, or anything closely related. Once again, this is questionable science.

John Dixon

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I enjoy joking about the issue also, but there are profound consequences to this that should 
be considered and acted on.  Read Mann's Washington Post opinion piece from last Friday, 
read the APS rebuttal to Ha Lewis, and read the recent releases from IPCC and its leaders.  
They fully intend to bluff through any criticism and bring about policies that will cripple the 
economic recovery efforts of most developed nations.  And isn't this a great time to be 
bleeding our patient?

The questions we should be asking ourselves are these: How do we quickly remove the 
obviously corrupt leaders, and how do we prevent a repeat of this hijacking of a once 
respected scientific body?

This is more than an APS issue.  This is an issue of integrity and credibility for all scientists.  
We either police it, or become accessories to the fraud.  Joe public is not capable of 
recognizing the fraud by himself, so when we sit quietly by, Joe assumes the fraud is 
legitimate.  It is the same as a physician who sees obvious child abuse in a pediatric patient.  
Ignoring the crime is enabling it.

-Gary Isenhower

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