[ RadSafe ] Climate Change a fraud?

Howard Long howard.long at comcast.net
Fri Oct 15 11:53:56 CDT 2010

Howard Long, family doctor 

On Oct 15, 2010, at 9:14 AM, garyi at trinityphysics.com wrote:

> I enjoy joking about the issue also, but there are profound consequences to this that should 
> be considered and acted on.  Read Mann's Washington Post opinion piece from last Friday, 
> read the APS rebuttal to Ha Lewis, and read the recent releases from IPCC and its leaders.  
> They fully intend to bluff through any criticism and bring about policies that will cripple the 
> economic recovery efforts of most developed nations.  And isn't this a great time to be 
> bleeding our patient?
> The questions we should be asking ourselves are these: How do we quickly remove the 
> obviously corrupt leaders, and how do we prevent a repeat of this hijacking of a once 
> respected scientific body?
> This is more than an APS issue.  This is an issue of integrity and credibility for all scientists.  
> We either police it, or become accessories to the fraud.  Joe public is not capable of 
> recognizing the fraud by himself, so when we sit quietly by, Joe assumes the fraud is 
> legitimate.  It is the same as a physician who sees obvious child abuse in a pediatric patient.  
> Ignoring the crime is enabling it.
> -Gary Isenhower
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