[ RadSafe ] Climate Change a fraud?

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Thank you so much for this very clear and concise comment, which is really to the point!!! I support your words completely. 

It is really funny, that so many members of this list criticize - correctly - the anti-nuclear groups because of their lack of knowledge, but  
when it comes to "global warming" they pretend to be the ultimate experts in this field.

Finally a funny story: It must have been in the 70's, that at least in Austria "research results" were published in mass media, proving that a dramatic "global cooling" was going on ("Return of the glaciers!") .

Best regards from a still warm Sevilla, Spain, where I just spend another two  months at the university.


---- Mike Quastel <maay100 at bgu.ac.il> schrieb:
> I have been concerned to hear during the past year or so, even  from  
> this otherwise informative and properly skeptical group, statements  
> that findings of climate warming- or more properly climate change- is  
> some sort of fraud, scam or conspiracy. The geologic and  
> oceanographic evidence so far really does seem to support that  
> climate change is taking place in our own lifetime. Whether it will  
> turn out to be man made, a natural cycle, some sort of solar  
> phenomenon, temporary or cumulative in the long run remains to be  
> seen. There is nothing wrong with being skeptical -  indeed, that is  
> the proper scientific approach -  but in view of the potentially very  
> serious global consequences, it would be wise to keep an open mind on  
> the subject and most definitely not rule out the possibility of human  
> causation.
> Mike Quastel
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