[ RadSafe ] Climate Change a fraud?

Rosen, Jerry C jcrosen at pitt.edu
Wed Oct 27 17:23:48 CDT 2010

1. The Green House Effect is a recognized scientific fact.
2. It is recognized that CO2 contributes to the phenomenon.
3. Modern technology, automobiles, power plants etc. generate CO2.
4. The green house effect results in warming of the atmosphere which directly effects climate.

Therefore, CO2 and man's actions contribute to climate change.

One can argue the degree of contribution but not whether the phenomenon  exists.

4. Fact: CO2 is not the only green house gas that is generated by man's activities.

5. Fact: sun spots don't contribute to ocean acidity.
6. Fact: There has been a significant change in ocean acidity in the last 150 years.
7  Fact: CO2 is the major contributor to ocean acidity.
8. Fact: There is already recognizable damage to coral reefs from ocean acidity.

Ocean acidity is not far below the level that will result in dissolution of reefs and prevent shell fish from forming shells.

So completely ignore climate change but don't plan to go scuba diving on reefs or eat oysters in the future.

The potential impact goes far beyond what I've described.

Don't worry about that either because we can't afford to make the changes to limit the problem and the full effect may not happen in our life time.

Let me get personal. My father-in-law will turn 100 next year. He has a 5 year old grandson. This has caused me to rethink my attitude about many things. Mostly, I make decisions which might affect people on a century scale not my projected and somewhat limited life span.
I worry about bankrupting my children, grandchildren and potential succeeding generations with the national debt. So do a lot of people.
The people who scream the most about the debt tend to be many of the climate change deniers.

Because of the debt, my great grandchildren may not be able to afford food, shelter or clothing, but I don't worry about this because the earth won't be inhabitable anyway.

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I have been concerned to hear during the past year or so, even  from
this otherwise informative and properly skeptical group, statements
that findings of climate warming- or more properly climate change- is
some sort of fraud, scam or conspiracy. The geologic and
oceanographic evidence so far really does seem to support that
climate change is taking place in our own lifetime. Whether it will
turn out to be man made, a natural cycle, some sort of solar
phenomenon, temporary or cumulative in the long run remains to be
seen. There is nothing wrong with being skeptical -  indeed, that is
the proper scientific approach -  but in view of the potentially very
serious global consequences, it would be wise to keep an open mind on
the subject and most definitely not rule out the possibility of human

Mike Quastel

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