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Mr. McCormick:
Re: Semantics 
Your trainer may be trying to make a differentiation (albeit a weak  one), 
or show a commonality/correlation between a medical "x-ray" and  
sources/things that would perhaps emanate "X-Radiation" (sometimes used  like this in 
caps to separate the two).
That would be my interpretation between them. You may want to mention this  
to your trainer so that could be considered in his future lectures.
Cheers and best,
Lou R.
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Subject: [ RadSafe ] A question of  semantics
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One of our trainers referred to 'x-radiation'. I  understand what he means, 
but have not seen it called antyhing other than x-rays  or 'fluorescent 
radiation' in my manuals from Cember Knoll, etc.... Is this a  legitimate word 
to use in training?

Luke  McCormick

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