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conrad i sherman conradsherman at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 17:23:58 CDT 2010

  My two cents worth.

I have been to a lot of training courses for non-technical responders.

HPs, in my opinion tend to get wrapped around the axle, so to speak, 
about precise terms.

I get annoyed when a CHP lectures to emergency responders, radiation 
workers, etc. about, for example, the difference between a rad and 
Roentgen, because the students don't care, don't need to know, and, most 
importantly won't remember.

The regulators don't care generally, and for most industrial and 
emergency responders purposes, a distinction without a difference.

So likewise, xray, x-ray, photon, x-radiation, etc., it does not matter 
in 'industrial' training.

Its like arguing over radiological health, radiation health, or health 

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