[ RadSafe ] Export of exempt quantity Calibration sources?:

Bray, Linda G. LINDA.G.BRAY at saic.com
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Hermon, the levels of exempt quantity from licensing in the US are not
the same as other countries, and are not the same as exempt from
hazardous materials transport regulations. So yes there are export
restrictions from the US for embargoed destinations; these are found in
10CFR110. There are also the inherent requirements to ensure the
receiver is licensed/authorized in the destination location. For example
in Saudi they have a restriction even for exempt sources to get a no
objection statement, each country is different. Most have a import
permit requirement for what we consider exempt.  

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Hi All:
Are there any NRC or DOT regulatory requirement that prohibit or
the shipment of exempt quantity calibration sources for typical gamma  
spectrometric and or alpha spectrometric system to any educational
in foreign country say for example Saudi Arabia or Iraq or other
that may have special interest by US State department? If there are  any

regulatory requirements in this matter.. Could somebody direct me
where it 
would be found in the CFR code? Thanks
Hermon Rao
Nuclear Technology Services, Inc.
635 Hembree Parkway
Roswell, GA 30076 
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