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As long as the covering is sufficient to hinder the radon gas migration... there are protocols to test that. 

Brian Rees

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Assuming that the U-tailings are covered (and even if they are not) the gamma radiation coming from the tailings are likely to be indistinguishable from background within several hundred yards from the pile itself (self-shielding, geometry, soil cover, rock cover, etc).  The larger potential is for the migration of radon gas that the tailings emit.  If they are covered, this is a non-issue.  Finally, if the tailings are NOT covered, the larger issue is environmental spread via wind and water.
Mark Miller

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Hi -

Does anyone out there in RadsafeLand have any simple 'rule of thumb' or 
formula for estimating roughly the skyshine (sky scattered gamma) from a 
large area of irradiating surface such as a uranium tailings deposit, 
given area of deposit, radium content in it, and horizontal distance 
from deposit to receptor point?

Mark Sonter

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