[ RadSafe ] Developing Body of Evidence to Refute Mangano andColleagues

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
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April 10

         Chris Busby at Wikipedia:


         He's a chemist who has a lot to say about ionizing radiation.

         Chris Busby at Junk Science Watch:


         Chris Busby's article at Counterpunch:


         He invokes Steve Wing and John Gofman.  'Nuff said.

Steven Dapra

At 08:53 AM 4/10/2011, you wrote:
>Nobody is feathering nests Roger, and I hope you tell the radsafers 
>that the UK Member of Parliament Bill Wilson has made a FORMAL 
>complaint to the US Ambassador to the UK about your libellous 
>letters about these people and about me to my university and to the 
>peer review journals that publish my research.
>Chris Busby
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>In Mangano, Sherman, Bertell and other's news release, which has been widely
>circulated amongst the "Green" community, they mention that they have
>published 27 medical journal articles and three books (so don't question
>these experts) - they do not mention the uselessness of "tooth fairy"
>project or that Bertell has actively claimed that the University of Alaska
>HAARP research facility has caused great earthquakes (her disciple Leuren
>Moret has made claim that HAARP is instrument of "tectonic warfare" and that
>elicits a chorus of guffaws from geologists who have been made aware of
>that) - what would really be useful is a compendium of each of these
>articles and books (including the Chernboyl 1,000,000 dead claim from NY
>Academy of Sciences) and the articles, etc. that refute these - Christopher
>Busby should be added to the list - Moret cites Busby's claim that Fukushima
>will cause something like 400,000 additional cancer deaths in her latest
>claim that the northern 1/3 of Honshu is uninhabitable (guess the people who
>are beginning to rebuild there don't think much of Moret or don't have the
>internet access - Moret, though, sadly has had fools fund trips to Japan for
>her before and she delights in free travel at other people's expense and her
>attorney friend Alfred Lambremont Webre, better known in the past for his
>claimed encounters with extraterrestrial beings, is a shameless and prolific
>publicicst.   These people intend to feather their own nests well by
>catering to those who want to forever ban nuclear power.
>Rest of article (that was posted earlier) snipped to focus solely on the
>cast of characters who have made the claims
>*Advisory Board                                  Research Associates*
>Rosalie Bertell, PhD, GNSH                  William Reid, MD
>Samuel S. Epstein, MD                          Susanne Saltzman, MD
>Agnes Reynolds, RN                             Janette Sherman, MD
>RPHP is a New York-based group of scientists and health professionals who
>study health hazards of radiation exposure.  Its members have published 27
>medical journal articles and 7 books on the topic.

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