[ RadSafe ] Flinders, Paralana

Jim Otton jkotton at usgs.gov
Wed Apr 13 13:58:06 CDT 2011

The Federal agency, Geoscience Australia, is actively involved in studies of
radioactivity in Australia, mostly to provide data useful for minerals
exploration.  The "Radiometric Map of Australia" and associated data are
available in various editions and formats at 
=70791 (look at the 2d edition (2010) pdf version). 
This is a color-composite map showing the relative intensities of gamma from
K, U, and Th on a 100 m grid spacing.  It is not a gamma-exposure map that
like Joe Duval's USGS map for the U.S.  You may be able to extract the raw
gamma data for K, U and Th from the Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System
also available at this page.

Jim Otton
U.S. Geological Survey emeritus scientist

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Can anyone help me to information on the radiation levels in the
Flinders Range Australia? I suppose Arkaroola and Paralana arer key
words here?

Many thanks

Theo Richel
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