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At last a scientific dialogue.
The Second Event Theory is simple.
Some internal radionuclides that bind to DNA have sequential decays
In certain circumstances, there are also external dose fractionations with two or more tracks across the target in 12 hours. e.g. CT scans of road accident victims.
Why 12 hours?
This is the cell cycle from G(0) to M.
At the end of this cycle is the XTP. After this no repair is possible. The cell sensitivity varies enormously and is very high at the end of G(0)M.
Therefore is a cell is inducted into G(0) M cycle from quiescence by a first "hit" and then hit again after the repair, no further repair is possible and a fixed mutation is inevitable.
There is already evidence from cell cultuires that support this.
Certain sequential decaying internal nuclides are unsafe, the worst is Sr90/Y90.
It is all explained in Wings of Death 1995 and some later papers.
There is plenty of evidence that Sr90 is very serious mutagen not modelled by ICRP dose coefficients.
But I started with the Chernobyl infants and that is what I would like to focus on.

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I don't understand all this criticism of Chris Busby. I used google to find http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Busby  to looked at his background and he looks like a scientist 

we should encourage discussion with. I am an "internal dosimetrist" and one of the items given in the web site I would like to hear more about is the "Second Event Theory" which 

distinguishes between hazards of external and internal radiation.


Chris is no relation of Bruce Busby from Seattle as far as I know


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