[ RadSafe ] This "radiation journal" that probably doesn't exist

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Wed Apr 20 20:02:47 CDT 2011

April 20

         Busby's CV and biography are available online.  If someone 
alludes to them or invokes them here, that's too bad for Busby.

         I once had someone on RADSAFE do a web search for me and ask 
me a question about myself based on something I did not know was 
online.  I'm not saying that to justify anyone's behavior.  It is an 
unfortunate fact that with the proliferation of the Internet a right 
to privacy has largely become a dead letter.

Steven Dapra

At 07:15 AM 4/20/2011, you wrote:
>This whole discussion has gotten quite unsavory when it moves off 
>the scientific to the personal.  Should we now investigate Bjorn 
>Cedervall's credentials, say his grades in graduate school, errors 
>he has made in his work?  His personal life - divorces? This should 
>all be taken offline and the snooping should be kept to a minimum.
>Marvin Resnikoff
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>But why did you contact them?
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>The response from Univ. of Ulster was swift and I am perfectly 
>satisfied with the answer ("Professor Chris Busby is a Visiting 
>Professor..."). This probably expains why your name does not appear 
>among the staff but that is OK with me.
>Now the other question: The "European Journal of Biology and 
>Bioelectromagnetics (EBAB)" - what about the status of this journal? 
>Where is it and where can the corresponding papers be found (like 
>the three in the ECRR book)? I have asked our university libraries 
>previously and they didn't find the journal. Can one find some 
>impact factor for instance?
>The journal used to be linked here:
>but the link doesn't seem to work any longer.
>(back in the URL to see the money orientation)
>Googling Dr Roger Coghill results in a number of strange hits - here is one:
>It shouldn't come as a surprise if some people wonder about the 
>charater of the EBAB journal as a paper (about melatonin) by Coghill 
>appeared as a free sample issue. That paper was simply an indicator 
>- then an Editorial Board with you at the same time as you had six 
>or eight publications (including one with Coghill if I recall correctly)
>The Editorial Board was (is?) as follows:
>Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson
>Prof. Henry Lai
>Prof. Dr. Igor Jerman
>Prof Dr Imants Detlavs
>Dr Christopher Busby
>Dr. Edouard David
>And according to the sample paper page context: Dr Richard Nuccitelli.
>These editors should be expected to cover the topics that appeared 
>in the EBAB journal.
>Where is all this information now? I have never before encountered a 
>situation where "scientific papers" just disappear. Is it strange 
>that one wonders? Please explain.
>My personal reflections and initiative only,
>Bjorn Cedervall


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