[ RadSafe ] This "radiation journal" that probably doesn't exist

Busby Chris C.Busby at ulster.ac.uk
Thu Apr 21 14:05:57 CDT 2011

I have nothing to hide. But I should say that wikipedia is not the most accurate source if you are really interested in me and my ideas. You can see my CV on chrisbusbyexposed.org if you wish. The wiki entry has nothing to do with me. Someone put it up and since then it has been a battleground between those miscalling me and those defending me. I dont have the energy or time to engage. There is also a chrisbusbyexposed blog which has a lot of libellous and wrong stuff about me, most believe written by Richard Wakeford of BNFL, though he now denies it. 
But I do say that this should be about the science, not personalities. This personality stuff came into court last week in a Test Veteran tribunal before 3 judges. The Ministry of Defence(who opposed the veteran) made their case by reading out all the stuff saying I was a liar, madman, etc. The Judges were not impressed as the MopD did not field an excpert witness. Just this idiot with his speech. Ill let you  know if we won. But they ignored this evidence as hearsay, as you guys should. 
You see, I entered this Daniel den because I feel in my heart that there must be good men and women among you who are interested in the subject and want to help people. Ind I feel that I am seeing this now in some of your responses

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         Busby's CV and biography are available online.  If someone 
alludes to them or invokes them here, that's too bad for Busby.

         I once had someone on RADSAFE do a web search for me and ask 
me a question about myself based on something I did not know was 
online.  I'm not saying that to justify anyone's behavior.  It is an 
unfortunate fact that with the proliferation of the Internet a right 
to privacy has largely become a dead letter.

Steven Dapra

At 07:15 AM 4/20/2011, you wrote:
>This whole discussion has gotten quite unsavory when it moves off 
>the scientific to the personal.  Should we now investigate Bjorn 
>Cedervall's credentials, say his grades in graduate school, errors 
>he has made in his work?  His personal life - divorces? This should 
>all be taken offline and the snooping should be kept to a minimum.
>Marvin Resnikoff
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>But why did you contact them?
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>The response from Univ. of Ulster was swift and I am perfectly 
>satisfied with the answer ("Professor Chris Busby is a Visiting 
>Professor..."). This probably expains why your name does not appear 
>among the staff but that is OK with me.
>Now the other question: The "European Journal of Biology and 
>Bioelectromagnetics (EBAB)" - what about the status of this journal? 
>Where is it and where can the corresponding papers be found (like 
>the three in the ECRR book)? I have asked our university libraries 
>previously and they didn't find the journal. Can one find some 
>impact factor for instance?
>The journal used to be linked here:
>but the link doesn't seem to work any longer.
>(back in the URL to see the money orientation)
>Googling Dr Roger Coghill results in a number of strange hits - here is one:
>It shouldn't come as a surprise if some people wonder about the 
>charater of the EBAB journal as a paper (about melatonin) by Coghill 
>appeared as a free sample issue. That paper was simply an indicator 
>- then an Editorial Board with you at the same time as you had six 
>or eight publications (including one with Coghill if I recall correctly)
>The Editorial Board was (is?) as follows:
>Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson
>Prof. Henry Lai
>Prof. Dr. Igor Jerman
>Prof Dr Imants Detlavs
>Dr Christopher Busby
>Dr. Edouard David
>And according to the sample paper page context: Dr Richard Nuccitelli.
>These editors should be expected to cover the topics that appeared 
>in the EBAB journal.
>Where is all this information now? I have never before encountered a 
>situation where "scientific papers" just disappear. Is it strange 
>that one wonders? Please explain.
>My personal reflections and initiative only,
>Bjorn Cedervall


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