[ RadSafe ] This "radiation journal" that probably doesn't exist

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Apr 21 19:40:06 CDT 2011

At 01:05 PM 4/21/2011, you wrote:

>I have nothing to hide. But I should say that wikipedia is not the 
>most accurate source if you are really interested in me and my 
>ideas. You can see my CV on chrisbusbyexposed.org if you wish.

         The only thing you have to hide is citations.

         I am only relying on Wikipedia for your 
education.  According to the link below, your Qualifications are in 
chemistry and chemical physics.


         Wikipedia says the same thing about your education --- that 
it is in chemistry.

>The wiki entry has nothing to do with me.

         Does that mean the picture of you is fake too?


Steven Dapra

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