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Hi Radsafe and Maury,
      From:    _jpreisig at aol.com_ (mailto:jpreisig at aol.com)     .
      Hope you all are well.
      83, Maury????  Sounds like you've  outlived most of your peers.  
Someday maybe I'll give
a speech and will be able to say that the people I was looking to impress  
(in science and old
friends) have died already.  In terms of lifespan, Maury, you're a  three 
sigma (statistically)
kind of guy.  Keep up the good work.
       Dogs???  My family had two and a  few cats.  The one dog was 
wonderful like Jake.
The other dog was the bloody AntiChr_st.  She had a small brain (a  smaller 
breed dog, but cute).
She was the protector of my mother, and then my father.  Jake, I hope  you 
can find a good new
dog, if you want one.
        Hormesis (not Hormel meat  products)????  Hmmmmm,  I put Hormesis 
in with low dose
phenomena.  Is low energy hormesis radiation even ionizing radiation  at 
all???  Does it ionize
an atom????  Does it produce ion pairs (W bar values!!!!).   Probably 
hormesis radiation is not so
much deterministic, but it is rather stochastic.  If one would  model 
radiation with a Kalman filter
Hormesis radiation would probably be modelled in stochastic (white  noise, 
integrated white noise
etc.) terms.  Perhaps when we get better  at understanding  Nano-Health 
Physics, we'll be able to
model hormesis radiation more deterministically.  See books by Gelb,  
Jazwinski (Stochastic
Calculus!!!!), Candy, RG Brown etc.
        Chronicle of Higher  Education
        Google the preceding two search  terms.  There are 245 teaching 
jobs with those people with
a Math Master's degree or something like it --- some jobs are even for this 
        Lung problems, Maury???   Get a good medical doctor.  I'm a PhD--- 
I can only give friendly  advice.
What is the source of you lung disorder: smoking, radon, chemical exposure, 
 Body burden 
(radiation), Military exposure(s)???  Maybe a good doctor could treat  bad 
lungs with gene therapy.
At 83, perhaps one is not a good candidate for a full 1 or 2 lung  
transplant.  Maybe in the near
future(now???), with a researcher growing lung tissue in a petri dish or  
Lab glassware, one could give
a medical doctor or surgeon a nice hunk of lung tissue that could be  
patched into one or both lungs.
        When you see your lung doctor,  once in a while, have him/her test 
your lung function???
Will you always need your oxygen bottles or oxygen machine???
        I suspect, without more serious  data in hand, that half the baby 
boomers will be dead or
retired in the next 5-10 years.
        Google news seems to indicate  that Boeing will be launching (with 
US assistance) manned
space vehicles.  Boeing is getting experience (getting their hands  dirty). 
What has become of the US spacejet???
        Maury, best wishes for the  future!!!  Keep us appraised of solar, 
astronomical and cosmic
        Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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