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I did a brief internet search and confirmed your finding regarding the very limited guidance in NUREG-1757Vol2. Also checked MARSAME and the ORISE ESSAP Manual (word search found nothing found regarding pavement, or paved areas. From the perspective of performing surveys of paved areas at various facilities, I found several rreports of facility surveys that included paved areas. Will send you a pdf of these directly when I can have them scanned. In these references, the approach in general was to treat the paved areas in a distinct manner from soil areas, based on the operational history and previous characterization results.Examples are former process (mill) building pads, paved areas where rad material was stored and where spills occurred.


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s I know it MARSSIM (NUREG-1575)makes one reference to addressing concrete or 
sphalt as land surfaces for survey (considerations need be given for potential 
ontamination beneath the asphalt or concrete media).  NUREG-1757V2r1 Appendix G 
lso notes treating asphalt as land surfaces.  I know in some License 
ermination Plans the licensee's have also stated that concrete and asphalt 
ould be treated as land areas for survey purposes.  Does anyone know of any 
ther references regarding the treatment of concrete and asphalt media as land 
reas for survey purposes?
Thanks in advance, 
R. Decker
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