[ RadSafe ] PBS Newshour on Fukushima on Aug 16th

Perle, Sandy sperle at mirion.com
Wed Aug 17 07:09:37 CDT 2011

Hello Roger,

I ignore any article that simply refers to the exposure is X times higher
than normal.Normal to what? I'd rather have a data point that can be
either validated or refuted or put into perspective. As fas as the script,
this is the same rhetoric that one sees on all of the major networks,
cable network channels, be it in the USA or international. They are there
to sell advertising and receive funding. Stories like this increase
readership or those who contribute. The script includes news individuals
who aren't scientists, his detector increased so he returned to a safe
location. OK, what was the reading, a slight increase over background? The
public don't understand and they don't trust the government, and that is
understandable. I feel very sorry for the public since they were treated
with great dis-respect and disdain from government, and they deserved
better. There are many detectors in Japan, we have provided many, our
colleagues have provided many, and if knowledgeable individuals were
allowed to discuss what they measure, perhaps sanity would come once
again. There are real data in Japan and this data should be provided, the
good and the bad. There are issues and there are locations where there are
no issues. The public needs the truth, period!

And if you don't this could happen here, just look at how our government
handled TMI and other natural disasters. We're not immune in the USA from
poor government inaction and mis-communication. It's a global scenario.



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On 8/17/11 4:51 AM, "Roger Helbig" <rwhelbig at gmail.com> wrote:

>There is photo of large smoke cloud from a fire that I strongly doubt is
>from Fukushima.  The reporter also claims to be concerned about increasing
>radiation level but is wearing no protective mask or clothing.  The
>also makes other comments about potential long term (centuries) of
>uninhabitability.  Here is a link to the report, I would like to know that
>other members of the list have to say about this.
>Roger Helbig
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