[ RadSafe ] NRC reform

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Tue Dec 13 19:58:15 CST 2011

Dec. 13

         In the second link Salsman is harping on whether or not we 
on RADSAFE believe that uranium is a genotoxin.  He wrote:

"Again, do you believe that uranium is a genotoxin or not?  The 
literature is abundantly clear on the issue, and I wonder why people 
on this list get so upset about the question."

         First, I have asked Salsman at least twice to answer his own 
question and so far he has refused to do so.  In fact, the second 
time I asked him, he disappeared from RADSAFE for two or three 
months.  Perhaps he was "upset" about the question.

         Second, if there is literature on this, and if it is 
abundantly clear, why don't you cite some of it, James?

         Your line of "reasoning," James, is even more obscure than 
usual.  This thread begin with you posting a Reuters link about 
internal squabbling at the NRC, and you making some non-germane 
comments about the price of wind power.  What does any of this have 
to do with genotoxins?

         Do you have a fever, James?

Steven Dapra

At 01:42 PM 12/13/2011, you wrote:
>Mike Brennan wrote:
> > It's a shame you didn't read the article before deciding it supported
> > your position on something unrelated.
>Yes I should have mentioned:
>regarding whether the Health Physics Society and NRC leadership may
>have been so negligent in exercising a reasonable standard of care
>over their health and safety responsibilities as to be considered
>grossly negligent. Thank you for pointing that out.
>James Salsman

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