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the lifetime doses of all 1,080 subjects from their hourly dose
measurements by using conditions that maximized them."

In other words, substituted progressively more and more unrealistic
assumptions for realistic assumptions, until they got results they

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This nuclear news posting misstates what is actually contained in this
article that asserts that children received some radiation to their
thyroid glands as opposed to government claims that they received zero
radiation - it is typical of the way that news stories are spun and
hyped by Christina MacPherson in Australia on her widely read
nuclear-news Word Press blog and the e-mails sent from that site to
presumably thousands of people around the world

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New post on nuclear-news

Fukushima children did receive high radiation to thyroid glands

by Christina MacPherson

Study finds lifetime thyroid doses of radiation in Fukushima children
July 11, 2012 By YURI OIWA/ Staff Writer Children in Fukushima
Prefecture likely received thyroid gland doses of internal radiation,
despite earlier government assurances that the levels of such doses
were zero, according to an independent study...... subscription only

Christina MacPherson | July 12, 2012 at 7:04 am | Categories:
Fukushima 2012 | URL:

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