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Dixon, John E. (CDC/ONDIEH/NCEH) gyf7 at cdc.gov
Tue Jul 19 10:00:16 CDT 2011


Have you tried Canberra? They produce units and software packages (ISOCS) which utilize ISOCS to assay activity above ground and within a borehole (try the Marinelli geometry). The ISOCS borehole capability is quite interesting and you can derive activity concentrations for underground volume sources. Try these links:



John Dixon

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My internet search skills are failing me today.  Does anyone know where to
rent or purchase a gamma spec unit with a detector that has dimensions
capable of logging a geoprobe boring?  I have found the detector in the link
below, but I don't know where to purchase and/or rent.




Thank you,


Dustin G. Miller

RSO/Health Physicist


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