[ RadSafe ] Rb-87 Atomic Clocks

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As Joseph says most "atomic" clocks are actually radio controlled. For a real primary standard you want a HP / Agilent / Symmetricon 5071A (with clock option) see http://www.symmetricom.com/products/frequency-references/cesium-frequency-standard/5071A/ Price is in tens of thousands of dollars. Or I could do you somthing custom based on RB for a 20th of the cost.
The best non-independent time source you can use is GPS. A "timing" unit in a fixed location is good for a few microseconds. In my home lab I can resolve to 20 picoseconds and absolute to a few tens of nanoseconds.

Here is a link to Agilents view on hazards,
Appaently as of July 2001 Rb is non radioactive, as least as far as ICAO shipping regulations are concerned.

Robert G8RPI.

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Where can you buy atomic clocks?

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