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Sat Jun 4 14:49:12 CDT 2011


I do not know your age, not the number of years you have been active in science.

Well, somebody has to do the job! Even I was asked a long time ago, whether I wanted to take over the list - I had a very good excuse,  because there was no server available. Being an Austrian and therefore also a European I was sure that there might be some bad mood. I hope the psychiatrist did not charge you to much, because my advice would have been free of charge: "Don't worry, be happy!"
Most (99%) of RADSAFErs are very nice people, the rest should not be to much of a problem and not to be taken to serious. Banning from the list should be the very last measure, but probably a kind of warning should be sufficient. 

I do not share your negative impression about the dealings of the professionals, but maybe as a European I am not found worth in participating in their inner circles.
Best regards and please go on, even if people (including me) might from time to time critizise you!


---- Jeff Terry <terryj at iit.edu> schrieb:
> Sorry for the delayed response, I was at my psychiatrist's office. I have been getting his help trying to understan the mental defect that led me to believe that taking over this list was a good idea. 
> I mean who would have believed that professionals could not behave civilly in their dealings with each other. 
> Jeff
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> On Jun 4, 2011, at 1:55 PM, franz.schoenhofer at chello.at wrote:
> > So what are you waiting for, Jeff?
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