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person Sorry firends, put forward his 

I never have understood the hype about  "Prof" O Raabe. I do not remember that anybody at RADSAFE except this one has ever put forward his "Professor", at least I personally have not done it..  How many Professors did not mention their academic title, beause it is ridiculous? So what is it good for? 

I have recently sent a critical comment about a funny comment of Raabe. It has not been forwardded on RADSAFE. How intresting that   
RADSAFE is obviously again subject to censorship -  the land of the free???????

Bet regards,


---- Chris Hofmeyr <chris.hofmeyr at webmail.co.za> schrieb:
> Radsafers, 
>  Prof O Raabe's recommendations in his recent paper (HPJ July 2011) should be
> compulsive reading for the RP community. Thanks, Prof! 
>  Chris Hofmeyr 
>  chris.hofmeyr at webmail.co.za 
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>  Prof. Otto G. Raabe, Ph.D., CHP
>  Center for Health & the Environment
>  University of California
>  One Shields Avenue
>  Davis, CA 95616
>  E-Mail: ograabe at ucdavis.edu
>  Phone: (530) 752-7754 FAX: (530) 758-6140
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Ask Otto Raabe why the control beagle dogs had an enormously high incidence of lung cancer.
Rather makes his study meaningless.
Apart from the lifespan problem that is. 
Chris Busby

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