[ RadSafe ] How many curies were involved in Hiroshima

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Anoither unbelievable message of Chris Busby about deaths.
Again: Shame on you!, what I am still missing is a caldulation of how many US-citizens (others are obviously of miuch less ijmportance)  might be affected. 

Still anybody supporting this universal scientist? 

Bes regards, 


---- "Busby schrieb:
> You say that we have to wait for the Fukushima deaths. Well, I can assure
> you 100% there will be deaths in Fukushima, whether there was an accident or
> not. Some die from natural causes, some from genetic causes, some from
> lifestyle selections. They will all die. Did they die from Fukushima. No.
> Will they all be counted as deaths from Fukushima. Yes. Is that credible?
> How will you and your colleagues define what is Fukushima related or not.
> Individuals who have died in the last month, did they die from Fukushima? I
> seriously doubt that. How about in a month, 6 months, a year, 5 years?
> In the end, you'll hold your opinion and I'll hold mine. Mine is like my
> politics. I don't follow like sheep. I make my own educated decisions. In
> some cases I agree with the conservatives, some with the liberals and mostly
> moderate. I don't follow the trend, I assess each case individually. Same
> here. If there are issues in my profession, I speak out, just go back the 15
> or so years I've been on radsafe. I call it like I see it. Am I always of
> the correct opinion? No. but I learn when facts, irrefutable facts are
> presented.
> The Chernobyl and Fukushima numbers thrown out, not a chance!

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Deear Franz
The quotation you respond to is not mine.
You are becoming confused.
Maybe you are getting old.

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