[ RadSafe ] Hot particles on air filter

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Radon daughter products sorb onto dust and soot, which would produce
discrete spots.  

With the relatively low cost of gamma spec equipment now days, anyone
who would claim that they found activity from Fukushima without doing
isotopic analysis to back their claim is suspect, particularly if they
leak their information in a way to create excitement.

>No, it not radon gas.  These are quite clear hot particles like those
in the Irish Sea resuspension from Sellafield and from Chernobyl. You
have all (I hope) seen the autoradiographs. Little white splodges on a
black background. Radon just gives a fog. 
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We did isotopic gamma analysis on the Tokyo and Fu filters.
Iodine and Caesium. 
But this does not tell us the composition of the particles just the general dust contamination.
And no, Radon daughters do not cause these splodges. I am talking serious activity here. Have you actually done this yourself?
Do you imagine we are amateurs? I suppose you do.
I have 5 car filters now and we are carrying out CR39 analysis on them for alpha emitter HPs. This is me so Ill let you all have the results when they are done.


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