[ RadSafe ] Hot particles on automobile air filters

Jim Hardeman Jim.Hardeman at dnr.state.ga.us
Fri Jun 24 13:52:07 CDT 2011

OK -- I'll bite. The gamma spectrum of these filters shows Cs-137 and I-131. Big deal. At what concentration?
Oh wait, these were automobile air filters, right? I'm sure you know the exact air flow through those filters (in L, or m3, or cc -- or whatever volume unit you choose), right?

>>> Clayton J Bradt <CJB01 at health.state.ny.us> 6/24/2011 14:26 >>>
Chris Busby states:

"But these filters have been across the Pacific and in the mail system for
a long time.
The gamma spectrum of the filters shows Cs137 and I131."

Now I'm curious.  Are these air filters replacement parts manufactured in
Japan within the past 3 months and shipped to the US?
If so, and assuming for the sake of argument that there are hot particles
in the air filters, they would likely have been introduced during
the manufacturing process - not during use.

Further questions: Have hot particles been found through the environmental
monitoring in Japan?  Where is the manufacturing plant for the filters in
relation to Fukushima? Has monitoring been performed at the manufacturing

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