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<This is called 
"guerilla tactics" and you should know that this tactic has been very 
successful to defeat the technologically most advanced army of the USA in 
the Vietnam war>

As a military fact, the US Army was not defeated in Vietnam. As we Vietnam veterans say, "We were winning when I left." The decision for the U.S. to leave Vietnam was a political one, not a military one.

Bob C
COL, USA (ret)

---- "Franz Schönhofer" <franz.schoenhofer at chello.at> wrote: 
> Rick, 
> Thanks for your thoughtful reply. May I ask you, whether you really regard
> such people as "enemies"? If one would pay attention to all similar ones
> worldwide one would have to spend the whole day to read their nonsensical
> pamphlets, mailings, to spend 48 hours a day to answer them - and the
> counterarguments would only multiply their nonsensical "arguments". 
> To use the picture of Sun Tzu: If you split your powers to fight small
> little groups of a few enemies, you will not win any battle. This is called
> "guerilla tactics" and you should know that this tactic has been very
> successful to defeat the technologically most advanced army of the USA in
> the Vietnam war, the Sovjet troops in the Afghanistan war etc. This tactics
> were used in the second world war in former Yugoslavia, in Italy, in France,
> the Sovjetunion and many eastern countries etc. and it is still used very
> successfully in many parts of the world. What is needed is the (sometimes
> forcefully achieved) backing of the population. In the case of Nuclear it
> might be forcefully psychologically achieved. 
> To me it seems that this is most similar to the myth of the small David
> killing the mighty and strong Goliath (simple citizens against big
> companies) and is intended to raise sympathy for the "small ones" in their
> fight against an overwhelming and threatening power.
> Greenpeace and Sea Shepard are using the same "myth" - look at the
> photographs released in the papers (and on their homepages). Regard the tiny
> small boats fighting the giant whalers.
> To draw a conclusion: There is for me no reason to pay much attention to
> such people, who use the machinery of the mass media to distribute their
> opinions, which are according to my experience taken only slightly serious
> in opinion polls but not in practice. I do not believe that Zimmermans book
> was taken serious in US mass media or it was sold well. 
> I repeat: I would not buy it.
> Best regards,
> Franz
> Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
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> Franz, WHY? ... it's a little thing shortly refered to in english as "Know
> Your Enemy".
> The full common english translation is...
>   "It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not
> be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do
> know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your
> enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."   Sun
> Tzu... The Art of War
> In other words, to win the debate against their stupidity and properly
> educate the populace, one must know what is coming to be prepared to counter
> it with honest fact.
> Rick Urban
> Lowly Health Physics Technician
> Chino Valley, AZ
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