[ RadSafe ] Fukushima Daiichi reactor

Michael LaFontaine, P. Phys. LCS at golden.net
Sat Mar 12 15:04:40 CST 2011

Check the IAEA update on nuclear plant status and evacuation 
procedures in Japan: <http://j.mp/ij4H6Y>http://j.mp/ij4H6Y

The Japanese Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) reported 4 
workers injured by the explosion at Unit 1. TEPCO also confirms that 
sea water mixed with boron was injected into the primary containment 
starting at 20:20 local Japan time. NISA have measured Cs-137 and 
I-131 near Unit 1, but indicate radiation levels are decreasing (no 
note on actual levels though). Release claims primary containment 
vessel is intact - hopefully this is the actual case.

Michael LaFontaine, P. Phys.  

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