[ RadSafe ] What's a sievert?

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The best explanation I have heard thus far from the media was from a radio
broadcast.  The expert (who I believe was a contributing editor to Scientific
American) compared the acceptable dose rate for Japanese radiation workers to
about 10 chest X-rays.  

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With respect to Message 1 of March 16, the majority of the public has no  
idea what a 'sievert' is much less confusing micro and milli.  Few of the  
news items I have seen put the dosage information in context to 'normal  
background' or 'action levels' or health affecting levels along with the  
accompanying exposure times.  No wonder there is so much fear - the
should be in simpler, layman language. As for the discussion  mentioned by 
Roger, where was that discussion?  
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Unfortunately the Public and news people mistake  milli and micro for 
thousand and million respectively.

Ed  Baratta

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There was good explanation just on about difference between milli  and
microSieverts and showing comparable doses in addition to the  radiation
measurements at various distances from  Fukushima


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