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Mon Mar 7 21:29:35 CST 2011

There are radiation threats in the world-the ones significant to the
general population are from nuclear weapons. (Nuclear power plants
absolutely cannot produce a nuclear explosion, though there have been
explosions of hydrogen gas.) Americans have very little knowledge and
less preparedness, and are thus highly vulnerable to merchants of fear.=20

You don't need to believe anything I or anyone else says about your
radiation exposure. You can measure it for yourself with an instrument
you can make from materials you probably have around the house. There
were rudimentary instructions in Parade magazine in the 1950s. Good,
field-tested instructions can be downloaded free from the internet
( Thousands of schoolchildren have
successfully made a Kearny fallout meter. So can you.

Let us do what we can to help people in Japan. Let us also improve our
own knowledge of radiation and ability to survive catastrophes that are
much more likely than a tsunami hitting the nuclear generating station
near Phoenix.


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