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My answers to your second question is.

The amount of iodine taken up by the thyroid will depend on the amount of 
iodine taken in in the last ~24 hours. The amount of iodine the thyriod 
"needs" is ~30% in a normal North American diet and this decreases as the 
amount taken in. The more iodine ingested the smaller the fraction that goes 
to the thyroid. See
Federal-Provincial Working Group on Bioassay and In Vivo  Monitoring 
Criteria, Health and Welfare Canada, Report 85-EHD-95 (1983).


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> Dear Group:
> I have been going through the geochemistry of iodine for the last couple 
> of
> hours, but cannot find a couple of items.  When I cook with iodized salt, 
> I
> notice that I can easily smell the iodine released in the boiling water.
> Likewise, iodine preferentially partitions from seawater over Cl and I can
> smell the iodine from seawater for miles.  Groppel and Anke (1986) note 
> that
> the iodine concentration of crops and grasses was influenced by distance
> from the sea.
> From the British Geological Survey - CR/03/057N, P. 21:
> - Iodide is taken up by seaweed and phytoplankton and released as
> iodine-containing organic gases such as CH3I and CH2I2.
> - Organic gases cross the sea-atmosphere boundary and iodine is released
> into the atmosphere by the action of sunlight.
> My first question on is: Can boiling water effectively reduce radioiodine
> from water?
> Would introduction of iodine as prophylaxis in contaminated water supplies
> help reduce uptake of radioiodine in drinking water?
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