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- From the Wikipedia, I note that iodized table salt has ~10 ppm KI.

"Salt that is iodised with iodide may slowly lose its iodine content by
exposure to excess air over long periods. The halogen iodide, over time
and exposure to excess oxygen and carbon dioxide, slowly oxidizes to
metal carbonate and elemental iodine, which then evaporates."

Katarzyna Waszkowiak & Krystyna Szymandera-Buszka. Effect of storage
conditions on potassium iodide stability in iodised table salt and
collagen preparations. International Journal of Food Science &
Technology. Volume 43 Issue 5, Pages 895 -899. (Published Online: 27 Nov

On 3/23/2011 15:18, Dan W McCarn wrote:
> Dear Group:
> I have been going through the geochemistry of iodine for the last couple of
> hours, but cannot find a couple of items.  When I cook with iodized salt, I
> notice that I can easily smell the iodine released in the boiling water.  
> Likewise, iodine preferentially partitions from seawater over Cl and I can
> smell the iodine from seawater for miles.  Groppel and Anke (1986) note that
> the iodine concentration of crops and grasses was influenced by distance
> from the sea.  
>>From the British Geological Survey - CR/03/057N, P. 21:
>  - Iodide is taken up by seaweed and phytoplankton and released as
> iodine-containing organic gases such as CH3I and CH2I2.
>  - Organic gases cross the sea-atmosphere boundary and iodine is released
> into the atmosphere by the action of sunlight.
> My first question on is: Can boiling water effectively reduce radioiodine
> from water?
> Would introduction of iodine as prophylaxis in contaminated water supplies
> help reduce uptake of radioiodine in drinking water?
> Dan ii
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