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Since iodine is in the news, relative to Japan, I think the question you are asking is whether the iodine in in iodized table salt is radioactive.  The answer is No.   

There may be minute amounts of activity in non-lite iodized table salt, because, depending on producer, the iodine (a micronutrient) is added either as potassium iodate or iodide, or sodium iodate or iodide, which is applied as a spray in the production process, and in very small quantities   (thanks Wikipedia).  If potassium salts are used, there's some K-40, but in small amounts. 

In lite salt products, which you accurately describe as a blend of NaCl and KCl, the radioactivity is from the K-40.   All of us have comonly used lite salt products in high school radiation demonstrations or for basic radiation safety training course.    With a GM pancake probe, there should be no difference between an opened or unopened container, unless someone has been using the open container as a condiment, (or they spilled it).  the half life is quite long. 

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I think I didn't start out right.  And I am still not sure what I am asking. I and many others voluntarily take in radioactive food sources.  Beta and gamma emmiters with greater half lives than Iodine.  The concern is the thyroid with iodine if I am not mistaken. Does anyone have a resource I can look to,to see specifically how Iodine is absorbed and the damage it does?  John 

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