[ RadSafe ] Nuclear Physics Political Demise at Oregon StateUniversity

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Howard et al.,

Do you really think that this geographically very confined political story
is appropriate for a so called "International Radiation Protection (Health
Physics) Mailing List"? I do not think so. 


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Robinson and (older) son wrote the book on the biological clock, Molecular
Clocks, standard deamidation rate reference, made with the Fourier transform
mass spectrometer.
He has Nobel prize winners on his OISM staff and as guest speakers at our
Indeed, he is a "Noted scientist"
Howard Long

On Mar 24, 2011, at 2:25 PM, Brent Rogers <brent.rogers at optusnet.com.au>

> Kupelian lost me in the first paragraph.  Art Robinson a noted scientist?
Sure, if one might consider Che Guevera a noted freedom-fighter.
> Brent Rogers
> Sydney Australia
> Sent from my iPad
> On 25/03/2011, at 5:52, Howard <howard.long at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Radiation protection professionals who follow DeFazio's $27,000,000
political bribe to OSU, this updates.
>> If not us, who? If not now, when?  Howard Long
>> Dear Friends,
>> David Kupelian has written a new editorial at World Net Daily about the
Robinson students and Professor Higginbotham at Oregon State University.
>> The link is: http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=278481
>> Thank you for all of your support and encouragement. 
>> Art
>> Crunch time: Payback machine grinding GOP candidate's kids
>> Posted: March 23, 2011
>> 1:43 am Eastern
>> © 2011 WorldNetDaily
>> By David Kupelian
>> Earlier this month, WND broke the sensational story in which Art Robinson
- the noted scientist who challenged Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio for
Oregon's 4th District congressional seat in November - alleged some
extraordinarily nasty post-election political retribution was underway
against his children.
>> DeFazio, one of Congress's most influential leftist progressives, having
co-founded and chaired the House Progressive Caucus, won with 54.5 percent
of the vote, compared to 43.6 percent for Robinson, a solid Reagan
conservative - largely because, during the home stretch, DeFazio and his
supporters launched a vicious media smear campaign against Robinson
consisting of multiple outrageous lies ("Robinson's a racist," "Robinson's
in the pocket of 'big oil,'" etc. - even, believe it or not, "Robinson wants
to irradiate your drinking water.")
>> Immediately after the election, however, Robinson announced that he would
challenge DeFazio again in 2012. And that, according to Robinson, is when
the ultraliberal Oregon political machine went into high gear, intending to
grind not only Robinson up within those gears - but three of his children as
well, all students in the nuclear engineering Ph.D. program at Oregon State
>> Before I explain how, let me quickly tell you about the Robinson kids.
>> In 1980, after having co-founded the Linus Pauling Institute in Menlo
Park, Calif., with
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