[ RadSafe ] Nuclear Physics Political Demise at Oregon State University

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Please ask your friends Kathy Higby and Jack Higginbotham to respond to the allegations at www.oregonstateoutrage.com by copy of this.
PhD student Robinson has foresworn  confidentiality and states his case there.

If unchanged, political discrimination so serious would keep citizenry from believing health physicists generally. All your credentials would be questioned, especially with the public skepticism fed by alarmists right now.

Howard Long

On Mar 26, 2011, at 1:27 AM, "Bob Cherry" <bobcherry at satx.rr.com> wrote:

> It is nice to hear from you, Franz.
> Hitler, thankfully, made many serious blunders. If he had made fewer, I
> agree that World War 2 would have included Britain's defeat. Because of the
> distances involved and the large American economy, I doubt that he would
> ever have occupied any part of North America, but he would have made the
> world a scary place.
> However, if he had developed nuclear weapons, the confrontations between the
> United States and the Hitler Empire would have been much more serious than
> the Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union. I doubt that the "Hitler
> Cold War" would have ended peaceably.
> Conjectures on this topic can go on endlessly. The best I can say is the
> world is a much better place without Hitler in it.
> Returning to the main topic of this thread, I am appalled about what I am
> hearing about the Nuclear Engineering Program at Oregon State University.
> Kathy Higley and Jack Higginbotham are both friends of mine and I have never
> had any reason to doubt the integrity of either. I hope the story is not
> true. We are only hearing one side of it, so I am reserving my opinion for
> the moment.
> Bob
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> Bob, 
> I appreciate your thoughtful message. I have the impression that Howard Long
> is a very nice person, maybe the ideal family doctor, but sorry to say he
> seems to lack some knowledge in radiation protection and history.......
> Let me start my answer with a standard statement of mine: If this Adolf
> Hitler had not been so extremely silly to suppress Jews, to persecute them,
> to force the more wealthy to emigrate and to kill the poor ones, he would in
> my opinion have won the war. The "brain drain" was so unbelievable, that
> whole university and research institutions were without their leaders and
> even the second and third row. "German science" had to be thaught -
> neglecting all the principles of modern physics. Scientists had to work on
> the nuclear bomb (or at least a reactor), but were not allowed to use
> Einsteins equation, because this was Jewish science. Just one of many
> examples.
> If you look at the people involved in the construction of nuclear bombs, you
> will find almost only European emigrants, not only from Germany, most of
> them being jews.  
> I am very interested in the history of nuclear physics and especially
> nuclear energy and bombs. I have a large collection of books on this topic,
> partly bought during my many visits to the USA, especially at Los Alamos,
> Santa Fe, and at the book store of the Atomic Museum in Albuquerque. I have
> been twice in Hiroshima, once in Nagasaki, I succeeded a few years ago to
> visit the Trinity Site, have been three weeks on Mururoa as the head of the
> terrestrial working group of the IAEA, was heavily involved in the aftermath
> of the Chernobyl accident both nationally and internationally etc. I try to
> distill from all those vast amount of informations a picture of the whole
> for myself and I sincerely believe that I am now able to judge nuclear
> accidents, nuclear war etc. 
> Immediately after WW II there was a race between the US and the Sovjetunion
> to capture the most important German scientists. Just for an example: The
> USA succeeded to capture Wernher von Braun. The Sovjets got a lot of nuclear
> scientists, but information is very scarce on their contribution to the
> Sovjet bombs (except Klaus Fuchs) and the rockets.
> As for your question on chemistry and biology I do not have any detailed
> information. There is no doubt that the same as for physicists occurred to
> them. If they were jewish it did not matter what their profession was -
> ancient history, egyptology, school teachers, mathematicians, etc. - they
> lost their jobs, were expelled or killed. 
> Sorry these are the terrible facts. Has the world learnt anything from it?
> For more information, please contact me again. I am not almighty, so I
> cannot tell you about the accurate content of books.
> Best wishes,
> Franz
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> "Germany also had political command of science in the past, with great harm
> to science."
> This is true to some extent for science in general. However, the greatest
> harm, ironically and appropriately IMO, was to German science specifically.
> Many, if not most, of the best German physicists, including Einstein, left
> Germany for better (i.e., safer) conditions. This was of great benefit to
> American science in particular. This "lost" generation of German physicists
> made great lasting contributions in their new countries, both in their own
> right and in their education and mentorship of subsequent generations of
> physicists. German physics, once the greatest in the world, has not
> recovered from this exodus.
> I don't know about other basic sciences. Did something similar occur in
> chemistry and biology?
> Bob C
> ---- garyi at trinityphysics.com wrote: 
>> Howard,Thanks very much for sharing this.  Because it is a nuclear physics
> program, the relevance is obvious.  If it was a medical school, I would still be interested but 
>> Iwould expect the medical 
>> professionals to take the lead in any intervention or investigation.
>> -Gary Isenhower
>> On 24 Mar 2011 at 19:09, Howard wrote:
>> Franz,
>> Germany also had political command of science in the past, with great 
>> harm to science. I do not agree that policial bribery to determine scientific degree 
>> (or obstruction thereof) is 
>> "geographically very confined" and should be ignored if not in one's own institution.
>> Howard Long
>> On Mar 24, 2011, at 4:31 PM, Franz Schönhofer
> <franz.schoenhofer at chello.at> wrote:
> Howard et al.,
> Do you really think that this geographically very confined political
> story is appropriate for a so called "International Radiation Protection
> (Health Physics) Mailing List"? I do not think so. 
>>> Franz
>>> Franz Schoenhofer, PhD
>>> MinRat i.R.
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