[ RadSafe ] Pu levels found in Japan? Info sought

Stewart Farber radproject at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 30 11:51:50 CDT 2011

I saw a Reuters story last night that states regarding Pu leves found near the 
Fukushima plant, and I quote:

"The levels [Note of Pu-239 -SAF ], of up to 0.54 becquerels per kg, were not 
considered harmful, Japanese officials said, a stance supported by the U.N. 
atomic agency."

Does anyone have any other data on Pu measurements detected near the accident?  

If Pu measured is only 0.54Bq/kg in soil,  why is anyone getting agitated? Why 
isn't the Japanese government being more emphatic about emphasizing the levels 
found as being consistent with "background" Pu from open air testing which was 
deposited globally on every sq. meter of the Northern Hemisphere to levels of 
about 100 Bq/m^2?? 

By my calculation, 100 Bq/m^2 of Pu equates to 3.7 Bq/kg of soil [assuming 
density 2.65 typically, and that Pu is bound in the first 1 cm depth which is 
sampled by scraping the surface of soil to only a depth of 1 cm].  If the Pu is 
bound in the first 10 cm depth of soil, and the first 10 cm of soil depth is 
sampled, one would expect to find 0.4 Bq/kg of soil from prior global Pu 
deposition. I'd appreciate folks checking my math.

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"aren't fully coherent,"  hyuck yuck yuk.


?There are items in the letter that lead us to believe it is a hoax,?
said Zavala. ?There are several demands documented that aren?t fully

He said much of what?s in the message doesn?t add up, but in a post 9-11
world, the FBI can?t let it go ? even if it does appear to be a hoax.

"The letter inside said, ?The Al-Qaeda organization has planted 160
nuclear bombs throughout the U.S. in schools, stadiums, churches,
stores, financial institutions and government buildings.? It also said,
?This is a suicide mission for us.?"
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