[ RadSafe ] Busby: chemist or physicist?

Busby Chris C.Busby at ulster.ac.uk
Sun May 1 14:06:45 CDT 2011

My PhD is in Chemical PHYSICS
Thank you
Chris Busby

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April 29

	According to this hysterical and fear-mongering article, Chris Busby 
is a physicist.  Here's the quote:

"Dr. Chris Busby, another physicist says there is a rage in the 
people in Tokyo and he now predicts based on his calculations that 
800,000 people out of about 8 million who live within 200 kilomters 
[sic] of the plant will contract cancer if they are not moved out."

	Here's the link:


	Based on the size of the scroll bar it looks like a long 
article.  Over three fourths of it is comments from readers.  (The 
article is about 2400 words long.)

Steven Dapra

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