[ RadSafe ] Busby's bloated ego Parthasarathy's last "interaction electron model" for biological effects

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I spend my life trying to sort out the riddles of roentgen, rad ,rem and Ci and lately Bq, gray and sievert, Now it is time for me to invent a model, some one has already invented the the biological effect  due to uranium and photo electrons. The trouble is I am not very imaginative! How about Parthasarathy's model based on the extreme risk to mankind from "the last interaction electron" on human tissue of residents near nuclear installations! I shall find a suitable acronym. First of all I have to dispense with my tongue twisting name!  Do you know, after great effort, I found out the trials and tribulations of the "last interaction electron" to stay calm! I  have to consult my friends in Jawaharlal Nehru University (this university has produced some very imaginative anti nuclear social thinkers) to improve my model.

Once I interviewed Dr Jack Valentin and fired at him the questions on genomic instability, bystander effect and the the impact on DNA due to decay of carbon-14 atoms to nitrogen; he gracefully and with characteristic humility answered my questions. This time around I shall ask him whether he will accept Parthasarathy's last interaction electron model for residents near nuclear installations!! 
Barbara Rose Johnston has already discovered my bias for things "nuclear" as I stated that genetic effects were not seen in the the children of A-bomb survivors! see the following URL 


She did not find any problem with Busby's "epidemiological" research done in IRAQ , She did not google and find out that I wrote dozens of articles summarizing scientific papers on effects Chernobyl  nuclear accident and Research on A-bomb survivors.

You may read my "last interaction electron theory" shortly in my own web journal. 


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May 15

    This is the link to the partial transcript of conversation between Professor Chris Busby, Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, and Dr Jack Valentin, Scientific Secretary Emeritus International Commission on Radiological Protection.  It is part of a public meeting in Stockholm, 22 April 2009 marking the 23rd anniversary of Chernobyl.


    About three-fourths of the way through the conversation, Busby is hounding Jack Valentin for a risk model to be used in evaluating the siting of power reactors.  (ECRR is the European Committee on Radiation Risk, whose scientific secretary is Busby.)  The following colloquy ensues:


. . . When you build new nuclear power stations, or [consider] any nuclear policy, you need to know what would happen if something went wrong. You need some kind of model, and at the moment they are using your ICRP model. Are you saying they should be or they shouldn't be? You seem to be saying they should use no model at all. Is it guesswork, or what?


Well I certainly wouldn't say they should use your [Busby's and the ECRR's] model because …


ECRR gives the right answer.


… no it's the wrong answer, leading to large expenditure that would not be sensible and could be used to save lives in other [ways].

    When I read "ECRR gives the right answer" I burst out laughing.  Can you *believe* the bloated ego of Busby???  Busby's comments and claims in this partial transcript are so silly it defies description.  I'd like to write more however I have an important errand to run and must leave.  More later.

Steven Dapra

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