[ RadSafe ] Fallon Clusters??

Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
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So are you implying that significant amounts of radioactive iodine snuck
from the underground test site to Fallon, without being detected by the
system of detectors in place to find such leakage, and caused thyroid
tumors with such a short latency as to be detected and prompt a study in
"about the same time"?  What was the pathway?  What was the result of
checking the children's thyroids for radioactive material?  

As put forward, this has about as much validity as an old-timer sitting
at the campfire saying, "...and only 83 years before, in a cave just 247
miles away, a man named Falton, which is kind of like Fallon, disturbed
an ancient burial ground, an brought down a curse on the town." 

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I suppose all of you know there was an underground nuclear event about
40 miles east of Fallon, NV in 1963.  About the same time EPA (U.S.
Public Health Service, Division of Radiological Health)was investigation
thyroid tumer cases in children in Utah and Arizona. 
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