[ RadSafe ] Thermo EPD Mk2 dosimeter software?

Dan Zenchelsky danz at danz.com
Mon May 23 22:17:51 CDT 2011

Correction:  It's a Thermo EPD Mk2.  (was originally manufactured by
Siemens but now by Thermo)

Question is the same - does anyone know how to get this unit unstuck
from the "OFF" mode?  :)


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Subject: Siemens EPD Mk2 dosimeter software?

Hi All,

Does anybody happen to have the software needed to configure a Siemens
EPD Mk2 dosimeter?   I just picked up a used unit, but it is stuck in
the "OFF" mode and apparently it can only be unlocked with the
provisioning software.

It looks like it communicates to a PC via IR.

Anybody have any ideas?


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