[ RadSafe ] Counting Efficiencies for Helgeson (Neutron Products) Whole Body Counter

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Lew was a good friend and colleague, as was Frank Eagan.   I still have an operating Helgeson lay down counter.  The software and electronics have all been converted to Canberra so it is affectionately referred to as the "Helberra" counter.  Our current configuration uses an HPGe detector.  I am not sure what type of efficiencies you are talking about since they depend on the detector type.  Our Helgeson laydown counter started out life as a NaI, was later converted to HPGe by Lew and Frank and converted to Canberra when Lew closed down the business.  Also, it depends on whether the counts were done in the scanning our stationary geometry.

Contact me directly if there is any empirical data I can provide that may be of use.



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I need the approximate efficiencies for the Helgeson (now Neutron Products) whole body counter (the "trough" version where the person laid down inside of the lead lined well and the counter trolly rolled above him / her)). Particularly I need it for I-131, Cs-134, Cs-137.  I looked in our old Helgeson reports, but efficiencies weren't really listed.
Any help (even educated guesstimates) would be useful.
Jim Barnes
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