[ RadSafe ] FW: the best way to silence someone is to ceasecommentingon them

Dixon, John E. (CDC/ONDIEH/NCEH) gyf7 at cdc.gov
Thu May 26 13:28:13 CDT 2011

I stand by the knowledge and integrity of Sandy Perle. Mr. Perle has a positive demeanor and is well respected. 

LIGHTEN UP FRANZ!!!! (How do you say that in Austrian????)

John Dixon

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Thank you Mr Perle (persons like you we do not address with first name in my country, but probably I should address you as "Mr. President) for confirming so quickly that my opinion about your character, in spite of having been described by many collegues very positive, is 150% correct. Since I received quite a few very positive answers on my contribution I draw the conclusion that your opinion is absolutely irrelevant. Indeed it is. I'll write what I think appropriate also in the future, but of course you may complain to the listowner, you might even collect many others, probably customers)  to support your opininion that I should be banned from the list or at least put under supervision. I would not be surprised about such a move. It would not be the first time. It surprises me how many positive messages come to me privately concerning my comments. 

Since I know from where the "insults"  come I do not regard them  as insulting. I wonder whether the list owner has the same opinion? 

Mr Perle is obviously not able to keep a decent conversation on RADSAFE, but prefers to insult persons who do not share his queer opinions.- so what about a suggestion to the listowner to put him under supervision? 

Best regards,


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> Thank you Mr. Perle for your sophisticated comment. Fortunately (or should I say "unfortunately?) I am old enough to make my own decisions and I do not need the advice of somebody like you. Your advice is furthermore ridiculous because it is more or less "shut up when you have reasons to protest". So you obviously imply that also the liberation movements in Northern Africa should have shut up, the anti-war protesters should have shut up since decades, any protest against the communist rulers in former Eastern European countries should have been quenched? Well, they were quenched successfully for to long a time.
> This "expert" Busby has done so much damage to not only RADSAFE, but also to the world reputation of scientists, telling lies, cheating, several times accusing RADSAFErs of being dishonest, even I have been a few years ago personally affected. He spreads lies as we experienced only recently.
> I am tired of your previous dishonest behaviour and your later attacks. I warn you to make any further comments on the fact that Adolf H. was  born in nowadays Austria as you did, on any connection of general committment of Austria in the holocaust and other Nazi crimes. I am fed up by this. I clearly have nothing to do with it, nor had my family at any time. Should you attempt to do it again I think I'll take relevant actions.
> Leave me in peace, restrict your comments on dose-measurements. I hope that you at least understand something about it - contrary to nuclear emergencies.
> Franz
> ---- "Perle schrieb:
> > If you disagree with anyone and believe that their posts are worthless, taking up unnecessary bandwidth, the best way to not encourage responses is not to respond in the first place. Seems kind of silly to post about an individual stating that their posts are not contributing to Radsafe and its intended purpose, that it takes up bandwidth, and then continue the posts by continuing to respond to the posts. Just stop responding and Radsafe will once again find its equilibrium point.
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