[ RadSafe ] Long lived isotope/particle specific activity

Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
Thu May 26 14:06:02 CDT 2011

 Perhaps I am dense, or maybe just arithmatically handicapped, so please 
clarify: [1] what is the specific activity of a stable isotope, [2] how do you 
quantitatively express "risk magnitude", and [3] what is RDD ???
Jerry Cohen

From: Doug Huffman <doug.huffman at wildblue.net>
To: "radsafe at health.phys.iit.edu" <radsafe at health.phys.iit.edu>
Sent: Thu, May 26, 2011 5:55:01 AM
Subject: [ RadSafe ] Long lived isotope/particle specific activity

A bit of arithmetic calculating the mass specific activity for the whole
range of isotopes, stable and unstable, might lead to some understanding
of risk magnitudes - as from RDD.

Who fails to do arithmetic is doomed, not least to nonsense.

Doug Huffman
CNS Shift Test Engineer
CNS C.2340.X retired
Washington Island
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