[ RadSafe ] Germany to shut down reactors by 2022

Kristian Ukkonen ktu at iki.fi
Mon May 30 01:34:09 CDT 2011

That is all part of European union member states agreement
to increase "reneweable energy sources" to 20% of all energy
production by 2020.

Nuclear energy is not "reneweable" so decreasing it will help
to achieve this. This is all politics.

Building a new 1600MW nuclear powerplant means that goverment
will have to get 6400MW of "reneawable" powerplant built just
to remain the same percentage of reneweable power production.

Instead, they will add burning wood (supported by government),
wind-mill farms (supported by goverment), solar (supported by
goverment) etc.. Of course, all those "reneweable" sources of
energy are not economically viable, so there is the substancial
goverment support - in some cases support is many times more
than the market price of electricity.

This is also an excellent business for producers of electricity
because goverments pay a GUARANTEED price for the electricity..
For example, solar is about 400 Euro/MWh (to producer), wind about
90 Euro/MWh (to producer), while normal electricity is about
50 Euro/MWh market price..

What this means is that price of electricity will increase,
propably at least 2-3 fold, in the near future.

But, in a democracy we get what we vote for. Again the green party
is in the goverment in Finland and promises to add more strict green
laws. :/

   Kristian Ukkonen.

On 30.5.2011 8:19, Maury wrote:
> Just think. Great jumpin' butterballs! Can't you just imagine all those
> windmills steaming down the freeways at the 65 mph speed limit? <g>
> Maury&Dog [MaurySiskel maurysis at peoplepc.com]
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> On 5/29/2011 11:41 PM, Jerry Cohen wrote:
>> Nothing to it. Just put a few solar panels here, some windmills there,
>> and don't
>> allow science to interfere with your plans.
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>> http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20110530/wl_afp/germanypoliticsnuclear
>> How will Germany replace the 22 percent of electricity it receives from
>> reactors?
>> Steven Dapra
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